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Feb 27, 2013


Promotes Robert Dunlap EVP, Managing Director and Diane Rahn, SVP - Facility Services

HOUSTON, TX - PM Realty Group (PMRG), a national, full-service commercial real estate firm, today announced the promotions of Robert Dunlap, Executive Vice President and Managing Director and Diane Rahn, Senior Vice President, within its Facility Services Division. Both Dunlap and Rahn will continue to serve a large facility-managed account across the U.S.

Robert Dunlap joined PMRG in 1984 as a Project Manager, later moving to property management, where he was promoted in 1988 to Senior Property Manager.  His success in growing this account from a Texas-only presence to additional assignments across the U.S. earned him a promotion to Vice President in 1994 and Senior Vice President in 1998.

Today, as Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Facility Services, Robert Dunlap serves as Account Executive over a portfolio of facilities-managed properties across 14 states and Western Canada. In this capacity, Mr. Dunlap is responsible for managing the engineering services account with more than 300 employees, providing building maintenance, energy management, preventive maintenance, training and quality control for more than 27 million square feet of facility space.
Diane Rahn joined PMRG in 2001 as an Accounting Manager and was soon promoted to the position of Assistant Controller. In 2009, Diane began an assignment with the facilities accounting group and began working exclusively on large facility-managed properties across the U.S. In 2010, her productivity was rewarded with a promotion to Vice President, Facility Services.

Today, as Senior Vice President of Facility Services, Diane Rahn is responsible for the financial and administrative functions of a portfolio with more than 300 employees who provide engineering services across 14 states and Western Canada totaling more than 27 million square feet of facility space.  Ms. Rahn's responsibilities include monthly and annual financial client reporting for an annual budget of over $30 million and vendor account management related to fleet vehicles, cell phones, and uniforms for the engineers assigned to the facilities-managed account she serves. Ms. Rahn's role also allows her to work with operational personnel to streamline processes and manage projects efficiently to meet client objectives and initiatives in all facility management areas.

"Having worked with both Robert and Diane for many years, it is evident that their "hands-on" approach, leadership skill and commitment to giving only our best have led to business growth with our clients as well as enhanced career opportunities for their team directly as a result of such growth," said Jimmy Gunn, President of PMRG's Property Services Division. "In addition to an incredible work ethic, both Robert and Diane are well known for their honesty, integrity and loyalty and for providing critical analytical processes for ensuring maximum value in our client's commercial real estate decision making."

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